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Mecklenburg-Vorpommern event calendars

mecklenburg-vorpommern event calendar

In Mecklenburg-Vorpommern there are many events which make your vacation an unforgettable experience. Visit one of many cultural events, a theatre, concert or simply dive into the known nightlife in this nice region. Here you find a small choice of eventcalendars from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.


Landestheater Neustrelitz
Since 1991, the historic house re-establish the name of the State Theatre, the audience will find 400 spectators. In his operas and theater performances, concerts and guest performances of various genres are on the board. It is also the seat of the directorship, the workshops and the management of the theater and orchestra GmbH Neubrandenburg / Neustrelitz and houses the theater club.


Theater Putbus
The theater Putbus has experienced in 180 years of its existence, an interesting story. A different way to experience the theater Putbus offers our club member Mr Hans-Dieter Hintz with his competent, dominated by property and expertise, guided by our theater. From Monday to Thursday are offered almost daily at 11:15 and 14:00 clock tours of the theater.


Theater Kulturkate
On the schedule are both classic and contemporary pieces that deal with society in an entertaining manner related topics. A team of professional actors from all over Germany and theater enthusiastic amateurs from the region are committed for production. In addition to theater work, we offer workshops for students and young people, including on violence prevention.


Mecklenburgisches Landestheater Parchim
In addition to acting for adults, the theater has a special focus on performances for children, youth and families. In 2006 founded the Theatre Club Youth Theatre youth will also be on the stage. The former Hotel "Graf Moltke" is the current seat of the Mecklenburg State Theatre Parchim. The history of Parchimer State Theatre dates back to the year 1945.


Darß Festspiele
The Darß Festival since 2003 invite to a theater and concerts on the Darß. In addition to various episodes of Darßer smugglers, according to a story by the poet Johann Segebarth Darßer home, also known adaptations comedies like Pension Schoeller or were in recent years to experience, Dat White Horse Inn. Content of the productions are always in reference to the Pomeranian coast.